What are the benefits of mulch?

Mulch is a covering that is placed over the soil to help prevent erosion from wind and rain. It also deters weed growth, helps the soil retain moisture, and shelters the roots of the plants from the hot sun. Mulch can dress up an area and can give many different looks and feels depending upon the type of mulch used.

How can Compost and Soil Amendments improve my soil?

Incorporating Compost and Soil Amendments into the soil improves and maintains the soil structure encouraging healthy root growth. Compost immediately improves aeration and drainage of clay soils. In sandy soils compost helps the soil to hold moisture and nutrients. Apply 2 inches to 3 inches of compost and mix it into the soil.

What is the difference between Compost and Planter Mix?

Compost is to be added to existing soil as an amendment. Planter Mix can be directly planted in or used as potting soil. Planter Mix can also be used as a soil amendment. Spread it 2-3 inches over the planting bed and mix it in with the existing soil.